WiCAS/YP Event

CASS Event Proposal Contest for Young Researchers -Your Idea Come True-


Time Schedule

WiCAS/YP Event (ver. 2019/08/15)


Purpose of Contest

Cooperation from young researchers is indispensable to improve an activity of IEEE CAS society. Actually, the majority of chapter members wishes that young researchers become interested in the activity. To hold the attractive CASS events, we consider that it is important to better understand youth aspirations toward the CAS society. We consequently hold a youth-oriented event proposal contest for the CAS society as the WiCAS/YP* event in TJCAS 2017. This contest invites novel attractive and interesting ideas from young researchers. We will evaluate all proposals and decide winner(s).

* WiCAS: Woman in CAS (URL: http://ieee-cas.org/wicas)
* YP: IEEE Young Professionals (URL: http://yp.ieee.org/)


What Kind of Event We Hope

We hope the unique combination of serious and playful activities! Of course, we accept the serious or playful activity only.

Example of Serious Activity: Study (Research, Foreign Language, etc.), Programming, Experiment, etc.
Example of Playful Activity: Sport, Music, Cooking, Video Game, Movie, Outdoor Amusement (Short Trekking, Sea Bathing, BBQ etc.), etc.


Constraint Conditions of Proposal

1. Low Cost (Up to $1,000 (JPY 110,000))
2. One Day Event
Proposer(s) have to organize a novel event can be held at low cost in a day.


Special Section for Junior and Senior High School Students

This section is provided for junior and senior high school students, who will lead our society in the future. We would like such students to experience state-of-the-art technologies in circuits and systems.

Applicants can attend this section in a free way, including proposal of events, poster presentations, etc.
If the students will not be able to attend the conference, their guardians can attend on behalf of them.


How to Entry

Proposer(s) send a summary for the proposal to the contact address: tjcas19 [at] ml.gunma-u.ac.jp
Deadline of the entry is July 31, 2019. The paper (summary) style is as follows.

Paper (Summary) Style

Language: Write your manuscript in English.
File Format: Only PDF is acceptable.
Style File: Use the MS-Word template. Here is a sample PDF file.

Please include the following requirements in the summary.
1. Title of the event
2. Team members and Supervisor/Advisor (Name, Affiliation, Position/Academic year, IEEE membership number)
3. Contact person information
4. Summary of the event
5. Benefit for YP members
6. Financial cost
7. Originality/Uniqueness of the event
8. Detailed description of the event (e.g., contents, time schedule)

Application Qualification

- IEEE YP Member
- IEEE Student Member
- Student (IEEE Non-Member)

The application in a group is possible.
Note that at least one of the group (including Supervisor/Advisor) is an IEEE member.

Special Section for Junior and Senior High School Students

Paper (Summary) Style: Please kindly use the style file for TJCAS 2019 unless you want to propose an event.
Application Qualification: The research works have to be prepared by the students and their guardians together. They do not have to be members of the IEEE.

Casual presentations without peer reviews are welcome.
Please inform us the title of your presentation before the deadline.
Unofficial participants can be accepted only if there are vacant poster panels.


How to Evaluate

- Submitted summaries will be peer reviewed.
- The presenters have to print their poster by themselves.
- The maximum size of the poster is A1 portrait.
- Each poster presentation is allocated to one of the 30-minute time slots 1 to 3, wherein the presenters are asked to discuss with questioners.
- The program will be announced on a few days after the deadline.

  13:00 Start accepting
  13:30-14:00 Time slot 1
  14:00-14:15 Break
  14:15-14:45 Time slot 2
  14:45-15:00 Break
  15:00-15:30 Time slot 3
  15:30-15:50 Break
  15:50-16:00 Awarding ceremony

Top two award winners will be selected in accordance with the results of the peer reviews and the on-site voting.



After the contest, we will hold the reception for all finalists and participants.

1st winner: JPY 20,000
2nd winner: JPY 10,000

Special Section for Junior and Senior High School Students
1st winner: JPY 5,000
2nd winner: JPY 3,000

Other: Small gift


Registration Fee

Participants can attend this contest for free.
However, if you want to attend other sessions and events of TJCAS 2019, you have to pay its registration fee in the registration site.

Last Update: Aug. 15, 2019