Time Schedule

Schedule at a Glance (ver. 2019/08/13)
Session program (ver. 2019/08/16)
Research Matching (ver. 2019/08/10)
WiCAS/YP Event (ver. 2019/08/15)

August 19th (Day 1)

Time Event Venue
Afternoon WiCAS/YP Event Rinno-ji Temple "Shiunkaku" the first floor(輪王寺「紫雲閣」1階)
Afternoon Japanese culture experience program Rinno-ji Temple "Shiunkaku" the second floor(輪王寺「紫雲閣」2階)
Evening Welcome Reception Nikko Senhimemonogatari(ホテル「千姫物語」)

August 20th (Day 2)

Time Event Venue
Morning Plenary Talks Nikko ToshoguShrine "Kyakuden"(日光東照宮「客殿」)
Afternoon Conference (parallel session) Nikko ToshoguShrine "Kyakuden"(日光東照宮「客殿」)
Evening Banquet Nikko Senhimemonogatari(ホテル「千姫物語」)

August 21th (Day 3)

Time Event Venue
Morning Conference (parallel session) Nikko ToshoguShrine "Kyakuden"(日光東照宮「客殿」)
Afternoon Excursion

Registration Desk Info

Date Time Place
Aug. 19(Mon) 13:00-16:00 Rinno-ji Temple "Shiunkaku" the first floor(輪王寺「紫雲閣」1階)
17:30-20:00 Nikko Senhimemonogatari(Hotel「千姫物語」)
Aug. 20 (Tue) 8:30-16:30 Nikko ToshoguShrine "Kyakuden"(日光東照宮「客殿」)
17:30-20:00 Nikko Senhimemonogatari(Hotel「千姫物語」)
Aug. 21 (Wed) 8:30-12:30 Nikko ToshoguShrine "Kyakuden"(日光東照宮「客殿」)

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